Weddings really are such amazing events. I can understand why finding a wedding photographer can be stressful. You’re trying to find someone that will capture this one day in your life that can’t be re-created. Sure, you can put on your wedding attire again and take post-wedding photos (which has been done!), but there’s nothing like capturing and feeling that emotion by being present in the moment. In essence, weddings are a series of moments…the first time you see your new bride or groom, your first kiss, friends and family overwhelmed with happiness for you both. I’m honored to be able to capture and help you treasure those moments.

Wedding photography packages start at $2099. However, your wedding is unique to you and your fiance, and I will tailor my packages based around your needs. Included with every wedding is your unique timeline planning session, where I will sit down with you and your fiance and plan out each moment of your wedding.

Although I am located in Totowa, NJ I am willing to travel all around New Jersey, New York City, Pennsylvania, and everything in between for your wedding photography needs.

I can offer albums and other items a la carte.

Contact me for more details and package information.

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