Wedding Photographer Montclair New Jersey: Meet The Best

Hiring Your Wedding Photographer Montclair New Jersey

Wedding Photographer Montclair New Jersey
Your wedding day will be one of the most memorable times in your life. You’ll be much more particular about these photos than just about any other pictures you’ll ever take. The lighting and color contrast should be perfect in every way. So of course, you’ll want to work with a photographer who can portray that nature of your relationship with your new spouse, while showcasing all the beautiful colors and decorative accents of your ceremony and reception. When you’re looking for a skilled and experienced wedding photographer Montclair New Jersey has to offer, look no further than Brad Resnick. Resnick has over a decade of experience, and previously worked in theater, which has helped him perfect his knack for capturing the perfect photos to tell the story of your wedding day.

Resnick is an attentive photographer who will welcome your suggestions and ideas. He understands that every wedding photo shoot is unique, and is committed to capturing the images you’ll look back on fondly for years to come. He’s even been known to climb into trees just to get couples the visually appealing shot they want! Resnick has an ability to make clients feel completely comfortable with him, so you can share your creative vision with him, without having to worry about it being changed or altered at the time of the photo shoot. Whether you want a fun and upbeat photo shoot with a polished but casual look, or you’d prefer wedding photos that are classic and elegant, you can count on Brad Resnick to provide with the images that sum up your wedding day perfectly.

When it comes to weddings and the preparation they require, Resnick is no stranger to the chaos that can occur. That’s why he’s committed to being punctual and taking the time to get your pictures perfect, which is one less thing for you to cross off your to-do list. He also understands that a wedding often means taking pictures of family and friends during the ceremony and reception. Whether you have family members who love the spotlight, those who are shy in front of the camera, or a group of loved ones who just can’t seem to get a great picture together. Resnick can ease your fears about not having stunning wedding photos.

Resnick can also provide you with candid and especially creative shots of special moments during your wedding day. For instance, if you want chronological pictures of you walking down the aisle, or want to make sure you don’t miss a moment of you and your spouse exchanging vows, just let him know your preferences before your big day. You may also want to get some lively photos of family members dancing at the reception, or capture the moment of you and your spouse smashing cake in each other’s faces, so you can flip the ages of your wedding album and make the pictures appear animated. Your special day will likely be filled with emotional and funny events, and you’ll want to look back on your natural reaction to these priceless moments for years to come. Whatever your requests are, don’t be afraid to share them, so that you can work with Resnick to come up with a wedding photo package that is just right for you.

Of course, this stunning wedding photographer Montclair New Jersey provides can also take your engagement photos for you. The photos can serve as the perfect announcement to let your friends and family know that you and your significant other will be tying the knot soon. You can also arrange for Resnick to come to the site of the actual reception and take candid photos of the moment you ask your sweetheart to marry you. These are the first photos you’ll take on your wedding journey, and you can trust Resnick to artistically and accurately capture the moment that changed your life forever.

Resnick is determined to ensure that your wedding day and all the excitement that comes with it is planned out carefully. From the time you schedule your engagement photo shoot to the end of the reception, Resnick will sit down with you and your fiance to schedule every portion of the process. You’ll know what time to take photos at the wedding site before your guests arrive, you’ll have ample time to take photos in both natural and manufactured lighting, and you can even add personal elements like your pets or significant gifts in the photo shoot.

Brad Resnick is located in the Montclair area, but will travel all around New Jersey, as well as New York City, Pennsylvania and the surrounding areas to be your wedding photographer. As a husband himself, he definitely understands the unique challenges and requests that come with getting perfect wedding photos, and wants you to be completely satisfied with your photos.

When you visit Resnick’s website, you’ll see a varied portfolio, complete with wedding and engagement photos in a number of styles. Photos that display the love you have for your spouse, the fun the two of you have together and your goals for the future are easily achieved with Resnick’s skill. The photos can also showcase the things that you and your fiance have in common, or the circumstances that brought the two of you together. There are also abstract photos that focus on the principles you want to exhibit in your marriage, such as teamwork, togetherness and longevity.

You can also refer to the blog on the Brad Resnick website to get ideas for your wedding photo shoot. You’ll likely be inspired by the colors and lighting effects of the photos you see, and can refer to these pictures when you’re trying to decide which type of photo shoot would work well for you and your fiance.

As you can see, Brad Resnick has all the expertise and attention to detail that you need to ensure that you look your absolute best on the day you commit your life to the one you love.

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