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Hi, I'm Brad! I live in Totowa, NJ with my amazing wife, Arielle (She’s the Claire to my Phil), and daughter, Matilda. 

I consider myself a Professional Chaos Organizer and have dealt with all sorts of personalities from your crazy uncle to your over the top bridesmaid. Ask me about one of my crazy stories!

fun facts!

• I LOVE being a dad!(and husband!) It's been easily one of my favorite things in life. I always make sure I carve out time for my family!
• I'm a huge film nerd. I can quote the Indiana Jones movies line for line, though Raiders is clearly the best in the series
• I want to prevent the art of film photography from dying. (Ask me about my medium format camera!)
• I am a master at Jenga. My signature move is "The Band-Aid"
• I play the drums, and can drum 2 different rhythms simultaneously with my hands, but I can't dance to save my life. (Though I will try!)
• I can recite all the countries of the world thanks to Animaniacs.
• I love spontaneous ideas during shoots, so don't be shy!
• I will crawl into the bushes or climb a tree just to get a good photo for you.

My Story

Here’s my story, short and sweet! Back when I was in high school, I decided to take a photography class. Ever since then, I’ve been hooked on capturing moments and telling stories!  I took a slight left turn out of college (I received a BFA in Photography from Rutgers. RU RAH RAH!) and landed myself a gig in the theatrical industry as a Stage Manager. Theater is all about putting moments together to tell a story, and that’s what drew me in. That path took me on a wild ride where I got to work on some cool projects with some amazingly talented people. Some of my "claims to fame" are "Miss Abigail's Guide to Dating, Mating, and Marriage with Eve Plumb (Jan from "The Brady Bunch") and "The Toxic Avenger Musical." While I wasn’t doing photography full time at that point, I did keep my roots in it by shooting headshots and theatrical events. I ended up working in theater for about 10 years, on Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Regional productions. 

Theater has really given me a leg up when shooting weddings, as I had to handle scheduling of shoots, rehearsals, and other logistical needs while managing staffs as large as 50 people. When we sit down and plan your wedding day timeline, I’m using all that experience I received managing live events to create the flow of your day.

I still like to keep my theatrical roots, so in addition to working with private clients and focusing on my own work, I have been the resident photographer for George Street Playhouse's and McCarter Theater's growing education departments for the last five years.   

My Philosophy My philosophy is to focus on you! I go into each wedding thinking about what's best for my client. These images are not for me, they're for you and your family to cherish for years to come. I want you looking back on your images with fond memories, thinking about each of those moments that I'm able to capture for you.

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